Clean mobility

The transition to an energy efficient, decarbonised transport sector is a key area for action in the energy transition. Lead metal is enabling this evolution through the clean mobility solutions it supports.

Lead enabling cleaner, more economical cars

Designed to shut off a car’s engine when idling, and restart once pressure is applied to the accelerator, the automatic start-stop system is incredibly effective at reducing both fuel-consumption and emissions. Batteries used in start-stop vehicles must be able to support repeated use of the system, as well as modern car features such as satnav. Lead batteries are the only technology that can provide all the necessary performance requirements.


Lead Matters is a collaborative campaign which showcases the essentiality of lead metal across Europe. Developed by the Lead (Pb) REACH Consortium, a voluntary initiative managed by the International Lead Association (ILA), it supports over 40 sectors in highlighting the vital, safe and sustainable use of lead in their industries.